Golden Mic Night '15

Golden Mic Night '15

The Nightcore Club 12th Jun, 4pm UTC

We know everyone loves to party. Now, we are giving you a reason to come out and celebrate with us.

Come celebrate with the RDJs, who work behind the curtain to bring to you the awesome music. It's about time we give them some credits!

On June 12th @ 4pm UTC, we will be awarding some of our RDJs the Golden Mic Badge for their participation in five or more TNC mixtapes. They will then play some of their fantastic work for 2 hours. We hope you can come out!

The following artists will be receiving the badge. Most of them will be remaining to play music:

Fluffy Teddy
Kirito-Kun Nightcores
Sarit Folaris

We hope you come celebrate with our RDJs in our room!