TNC History

Founding of The Nightcore Club

After some altercation in another room, a few nightcore enthusiasts came together to form a new group dedicated to a more content-rich & friendly environment.

16th Sep '14

Birth of TNC.Lizzie

After trying out multiple bots to no avail, we finally settled down on BeavisBot by AvatarKava and thus, Lizzie was born. Lizzie has since been upgraded and improved by TNC on a regular basis.

18th Sep '14

First Mixtape Release

The first of the TNC Mixtape series, The Mellow Nightcore Mixtape was an initiative to unite Nightcore Artists, as well as the exploration of turning TNC into a Nightcore Network / Label.

Listen Now 18th Sep '14

Official Website Launch

After Lizzie got database support, this site was born to provide both statistics and to promote the nightcore genre and its artists.

10th Dec '14

First Official TNC Event

Our very first official event held in TNC plug room. An introduction to Nightcore and it's derivatives.

More Info 9th Jan '15

Release of the first TNC-exclusive Album

Our first full album production collaboration between The Nightcore Club & its resident DJs.

Listen Now 10th Jan '15

Migration to Dubtrack

With the closure of, TNC needs a new home. After discovering dubtrack and finding it suitable, we made it our new home.

Join us at dubtrack 29th Sep '15