Summer Heatwave

  • Artist :
  • Release date :
    August 15, 2015
  • Produced by :
    The Nightcore Club

TNC Mixtape Vol. 10

We celebrate both the 10th release of the TNC Mixtapes as well as Summer 2015. The Sun shines bright this year, lets make it shine brighter with a "Summer Heatwave"!

The all new Mixtape bringing the breeze and the relaxation you all thirst for. The songs are selected by yours truly, the artists of The NightcoreClub! These relaxing new hits from your favorite artists to spruce up your summer time experience with some cool Nightcore.

Once again, The Nightcore Club hereby extends a huge thank you to the following DJs and hope to be able to work with them again to bring you more mixtapes!

NightcoreFTWx_x, Burning_Monkey, DJ_Avish, Nico Nightcore, PentaFlare, rabbyz, RubyChan's Nightcore, Nightcore TV, SilverFish Music, Syrex Nightcore, ShadoWolf Nightcores. Monstercore, Nanzan, Shiro Neko

Be sure to check and subscribe to their individual YouTube channels!

We hope you enjoy hand-picked songs, and don't forget to join us in Dubtrack to listen to the latest nightcores by our resident DJs!

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